3 Mar 2014

Ski jumpers looking at things

We had sports photography course at Lahti. I'm not very interested in sports and I don't see myself becoming a sports photographer, but it's always good to see what's outside your comfort zone. In the end the course was a lot of fun. Thanks to our teacher Kari Kuukka, who was highly professional and whose enthusiasm was admirable.

I had many pics of ski jumpers flying in the sky, but since those pictures are not very interesting, I chose here an edition of ski jumpers (+Anna) just looking at things. I also removed the million logos from the pictures, so you can focus more on the person.(Even though I realize that the sponsors are essential part of sports)

Andreas Kofler

Jaka Hlava

Andreas Wellinger

The best Finnish jumper Anssi Koivuranta
Dawid Kubacki

And beautiful Anna leaning on her lens after a long day of shooting sports.

All pictures were from Lahti games of Salpausselkä 28.2.2014/2.3.2014, Large Hill competitions.

You can find here more images from the competitions (course page).

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