3 Aug 2015

Hello, hello, hello.

I have occupied new corners of the world wide web. Now a days you'll find me also in the following addresses:


An image from my new series Portraits of Dissociation.

26 Mar 2015

Roadtrip as an artistic process

Me and Johan left Helsinki with a tank full of petrol, deciding all the time spontaneously where we would drive, turning wherever we felt like turning. Our plan was to drive until the petrol ends and the car stops and then continue by walking. We used the many hours in the car to plan our video piece that will be exhibited in Illuusio 2015, Riihimäki Art Festival this summer. We also discussed about our future paths in general. We plan to work together for several years so we were in need of some long term planning as well. Here's a pic from the trip(later on we will edit a video of the entire trip):
The trip was a success, we managed to come up with -so many- ideas, that we could basically just do them for the next 10 years. (!!!)

I'm also happy to tell you that producer Katri Myllyniemi has joined our team. (She is simply awesome !!!).

P.S. Thank you to Ville Lahtinen for lending his GoPro to our tender care. Ville is also simply awesome.

9 Aug 2014

Knowing me, knowing you?

If you happen to be in Berlin, go see our art video Knowing me, knowing you? in Galerie Toolbox's videostudio (Novalisstraße 7). The exhibition is available until the end of August. The video is made by me and Johan Eichhorn.

Knowing me, knowing you? deals the issues the name suggests. On the video you can see 5 pairs of people answering our questions by placing themselves on a line we created. The questions are about morality, personal beliefs and how you see yourself. In the video the person above replies the question itself and the person below tries to guess what their closed one will reply. The questions are not always easy and I am thankful for all the participants who helped us to give the video it's contents. Here you can see few screenshots. In the first one of the participants is thinking what to reply and in the second one both have replied.

What would you reply?

8 Aug 2014

Where to set up a home

We made a 3 weeks road trip to Norway and mainly wandered around the country's wide and magically beautiful national parks, such as Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella, Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella, Reinheimen and Rondane. Our tent was our home, a home which weights 2.2 kilograms, is movable and weatherproof (Isn't this the most amazing construction?). We lived among wild musk oxen, sheep and reindeer - near rivers, lakes, waterfalls and ponds... Always between the mountains.

Some pictures of our tent: